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Welcome to shafferydesigns

Specialising in bespoke, individual design, Shafferydesigns can meet your design and branding needs.
Web design is now a multidisciplinary skill set. The best websites pull together art and design, great photography and accessible code to form a fluid functional and beautiful site.

Every client is different. The aim at Shafferydesigns is to meet the customers needs. This always means both on the functional and aesthetic level. Shafferydesigns is based in London. Clients are located across the UK, Europe and the United States.

The organisational structure is very fluid. Experts are pulled in for each project where needed to provide necessary input.

There is a close collaboration with Havoc design, a London based company specialising in print design and branding, boasting clients such as the Sunday and Financial Times. A design style must span across web and print and replicate the essence of the product or service, if the brand is to be strong. This successful collaboration ensures that all of the design needs of a company can be met to a very high standard.

Great design does not have to equal great cost. Shafferydesigns takes pride in being very fair and competitive. The cost of a quote is nothing and we can provide various options to suit your budget.

The site is here for you to browse current, past and even to preview future work. If you require further information, please contact Shafferydesigns.


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