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Questions and Answers

What do you specialise in?

"Websites and digital design. From a simple one page site, to a large site breaking boundaries in technology and functionality! We can work with an existing logo and brand identity or work together to form one for you. Each client is treated individually with the result being a bespoke site hitting all the required criteria."

How much for a website?

"This has to be the most common question and also the most impossible to answer! Depending on what you want, a project can cost under £100 or over a few thousand pounds. After you have discussed with us your requirements we can provide a quote for you. We are fair, you will not get a good website for nothing but at the same time a lot of people feel that they can over-charge. A website can act as an advert for your company or even be used as a shop. It is worth getting it right! Contact us for more information."

What about hosting and domain registration?

"You can come to us with a company name and an idea for a site. We will work through the entire process and purchase the domain name and hosting package. Alternatively you can set this up yourself and we can do the design work."

I want it to look like this, can you do it for me?

"Some clients let us have free reign on a project and they want us to "go to town with it". We can do that. Others have a clear idea of what they want and we can do that as well. Shafferydesigns uses a systematic approach to design to ensure that your needs are met. We can work through this with you so that you are involved in the design process."

How many people form the shafferydesigns team?

"Every project is different. Joseph Shaffery founded Shafferydesigns in 2005 with the aim of bringing in talent to fill roles. He is the face of Shafferydesigns and the initial contact for clients. A network of designers and computer coders join him on various projects, depending on the size of the project and specific requirements. Working this way the company is always expanding but keeps the personal quality. For each project, collaborators are credited when work appears on this site. Some projects require a specialisation in a different design field entirely. You may require a skillset that we do not immediately have here at Shafferydesigns. It is still worth asking us, as we can often bring people in who can fill these roles. "

What software do you use and how about the programming language?

"Shafferydesigns owns a copy of the Adobe Master Collection and most of the programs are being used on a day to day basis, thats Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash, Dreamweaver, After Effects, InDesign, Premiere Pro... 3D effects can be created in Swift 3D and After Effects addons allow innovative transitions. Sites are based around XHTML and CSS. Flash is embedded where needed. PHP and javascript coding is used to fill specific needs."

Where are you based and where are your clients based?

"Shafferydesigns is currently based in London. Clients are from all over the world! Many are in London and the West Midlands but some are based in the USA and in mainland Europe. As the media is digital, a lot of the work can be carried out remotely and the use of a laptop allows meetings anywhere!"

How can I contact you?

"You can fill out a form in the contact section or take the information from the contact page and contact us that way. If you just want to chat about an idea give us a call and we will discuss potential avenues. When you call you will be talking to Joseph, not a secretary or admin person. He will be able to discuss the project in detail. All emails will be read and you will get a response at the earliest opportunity."

Anything else you want to say?

"Thanks for taking the time to read this, I hope that you will enjoy working with Shafferydesigns."

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